Frequently Asked Questions

At Abloom, we have simplified the process of ZOHO Development as ABCD where: A stands for Associate: Our Success Team associates with you for requirement validation to map the SOW (scope of work). B stands for Business Commercials: Based on the discussions and SOWs, we share with you the business proposal along with the timeline of the project. C stands for Collaborate with the team: Welcome Onboard Abloom. Once you accept the business proposal, we set up the Central Project Team to smoothen your journey with us. A Project Team consists of a Project Manager, Zoho Certified Developers and The Operation Director. D stands for Development: In this phase, the Central Project Team builds, tests and delivers the project to you. During this journey, we provide you with weekly project reviews and discussions.

A Zoho Partner is a special tag given to a company after many technical, commercial and IT compliance evaluations done by Zoho. A standard evaluation may take anytime between 6 months to 3 years wherein out of every 100 only 3-5 applications are successfully approved by Zoho. Hence, when you work with a Zoho Partner, your service delivery quality is ensured. However, the same Quality Standard is obviously not the case with any freelance Zoho Developer.

Timelines of the Project vary from case to case depending upon the scope of work. For reference, in case of basic CRM set-up for a company of upto 10 employees, it can take anywhere between 2-4 weeks depending upon the exact scope of work.

Zoho CRM is highly user-friendly. The CRM is divided into modules such as Leads, Contacts, Deals, Vendors and many more for accurate data management as a shared database. It gives you real-time access to monitor the sales cycle, deal size, contact history, competitor profile and much more in order to target the right customers during your business process. It is undoubtedly an intelligent  CRM for your business which not only helps in increasing your revenue but also adds the wow factor to your clients by giving them better care and information.

Not much, we just expect you to come on a weekly review call (45-60 min.) to share your feedback so as to help us to take the journey forward.

Abloom is more of a value-driven company than being a commercial enterprise. We believe and strive to deliver your project with top notch service delivery quality and that too within the agreed budget. We bring to the table a decade old Legacy in IT Consulting.

Yes, there are many things you can set-up inhouse. We at Abloom encourage users to set-up the basic things themselves. However, like a good building cannot be built without an expert architect, a well-designed business software needs the advisory support of a consulting company.

The Development budget entirely depends upon your scope of work. At Abloom, we offer a  60 minutes  complementary consulting session during which we validate your requirement and give you a fair understanding about your budget and timelines.